Although its been drizzling most of the day here in Surrey today, it definitely feels like Spring is in the air.  The Snowdrops are out, the Daffs and Crocus are coming and I saw a Robin collecting material for its next today.

But the main reason I know Spring is on the way is the flurry of enquiries I’ve had in the past 5 days.  Warm weather at the weekend has definitely woken people up out of their Winter slumber!

Folk are starting to dream about Summer and what they want to be doing in their gardens . . . and when they look outside it looks pretty bleak and as far away from their dreams as possible.  If this sounds like you and you want to turn that bleakness into reality it sounds similar you need a Spring Garden Hoedown with me!  Here’s what happens:

We stand in your garden with a cuppa and talk anything garden related! Book me for a minimum of an hour and we can cover design, planting, gardening good practice and techniques.

I’ve talked through the following with clients: reshaping beds, moving plants, lawn care, planting suggestions, planting & pruning techniques and where to put the sun lounger!

£45 per hour  (+ expenses if further afield than 5 miles radius of Redhill)

Email me at to book a slot before Easter!

Spring Garden Hoedown