Moss Art

Moss Art

Moss Art is a stunning way to add some green to your home or office  I create bespoke pieces to bring colour, texture and Vitamin G to your inside space.

Using preserved moss I design individual pieces which are a blend of your brief and my creative juices!  They have been described as landscapes or maps and I am at the moment just creating an actual map out of moss … perhaps I should call that a Moss Map!

What is it made of?

Made with 3 different types of preserved mosses and lichen these pieces of art are each unique and are easy to look after.  The mosses and lichen are collected sustainably and then preserved with non toxic food dye and oils.  They are made on a plywood base so are easy to fix to walls and I can work with you to decide the look and style of the finished piece of art.

How do I l look after my Moss Art?

They don’t need watering and only need the occasional blow with a hairdryer to to keep them looking good and dust free – perfect for those not possessing green fingers!  The greatest danger though to a piece of Moss Art is being touched, so its best to keep them away from all fingers green or not!

How long does a piece of Moss Art Last?

The lifespan of a piece of moss art is anywhere from 2-10 years before it needs any touching up.  Here’s the best conditions to keep it looking tip top:

  • Out of direct sunlight
  • In an indoors environment with humidity levels of between 45-60%
  • At room temperature
  • Out of range of fingers!

If you need some Vitamin G in your life and are interested in a piece of Moss Art please just get in touch.

Biophilic Art and Interiors

Spending time outdoors in nature can have beneficial effects on both physical and mental health and I know that i always feel rejuvenated after spending time outside.  Research has shown that time spent in green spaces is associated with lower levels of stress, improved memory and even heightened creativity. Research is also beginning to show that bringing nature indoors can also have an impact on our health and well-being too.  If you’re interested in reading further into Biophilia see this article by MindTheInterior


bio·philia (noun)

An innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world (according to the the biologist E.O. Wilson)


Moss Art
Moss Art
Moss Art
Moss Art

Renée ran a Christmas wreath making workshop which I helped to organise and also attended. It was fab! She is a dream to work with and the love she has for her job shines through in her classes. Very knowledgeable and ever so helpful. Don’t hesitate to book her but be quick, she’s becoming a bit of a local legend!

Susy, Redhill

Just had my hoedown. I was feeling completely overwhelmed by my garden. I now feel excited to get out there and put into place all the wonderful ideas Renée gave me … would recommend Renée to everyone!

Georgia, Godstone

We started with a Hoedown and were so impressed and blown away by Renée’s knowledge, passion and ideas, that we booked her garden design and planting services.

Monica, Coulsdon

I had a lovely session with Renée discussing our garden. It was a great opportunity to get advice on how to look after favourite plants and she had so many planting ideas for those problem areas.

Karen, Horley

Absolutely wonderful, full of amazing ideas, gives great advice. Allowed me to see my garden in a different way.

Ellen, Merstham

My garden makes me smile now . . . everyday it makes me smile

Bonnie, West Sussex

Renée has created a space that feels bigger than before and I just love to sit and look at it!

Wendy, Redhill


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