The sun is shining but before you can sit on that lounger with a Campari and Orange (or is that just me?) you have to move the plastic see-saw, sand table and footballs out the way to make room.

The kitchen extension is complete, you can now see the garden but you’re not sure you want to!  You’re not 100% certain what the shrubs are or what to do with them and want it looking as good as the inside.

It’s the Bank Holiday Weekend and the family are finally coming over for a BBQ but the beds are overgrown with weeds and that Hydrangea that your Sister bought you last year is still in the plastic pot it came in and is looking decidingly dead!

If any of those scenarios sounds familiar it’s time to get some practical help to fall back in love with your garden and make sure it’s looking good all year round. You need a friendly professional who doesn’t talk jargon or use Latin names and who knows that family gardens need to work on a host of different levels for a host of different people and pets and for minimal effort.

I’m a Gardener and Designer who works with you to understand what the problems are and what you want.  I won’t come up with 1 idea that I think fits the bill; I’ll create ideas in discussion with you.  By asking you loads of questions and listening carefully we should uncover what you REALLY REALLY want and then pick through my ideas to find the solutions to making the most of your space.

You and your garden are different to your neighbours; although the square footage might be the same, the solution will be as unique as your family.  It’s your dream garden, no-one elses.   Here’s how I can help ….



If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed by your garden – call me in for some Garden Therapy!  We stand in your garden 2m apart and talk anything garden related!  Book me for a minimum of an hour and we can cover design, planting, gardening good practice and techniques.  I’ve talked through the following with several clients: reshaping beds, moving plants, dealing with pests and diseases, lawn care, planting suggestions, planting techniques, pruning techniques coming up with an action plan of priorities.  Face to Face Hoedowns are available if there is outside access to your garden and there is enough space for us to stand 2m apart.

if this isn’t the case we can have a Virtual Hoedown via Zoom.  For this to be effective you will need to share some photos and video beforehand and we will talk on the phone to establish the key topics before we meet online to talk through ideas and solutions.

FACE TO FACE HOEDOWN COST: £110 for a 1 hour meeting and follow up email containing a summary of our discussion including action points, recommendations, inspirational photos and links so you can tackle your garden yourself. (Travel expenses to be added if further afield than a 5 miles radius of Redhill).

VIRTUAL HOEDOWN COST: £100 for a phone call discussion, an online 1 hour meeting and follow up email containing a summary of our discussion including any links to suppliers or planting ideas.

Great if you want some advice, ideas and inspiration to make your garden the space you want it to be.

Read more about a Hoedown HERE 

Your Plant


A shortlist that will give you the confidence to buy and plant yourself.

If you’re overwhelmed by the choice on offer at your local garden centre and need some advice and ideas on what to plant in your garden, this may be the solution.  Using a questionnaire, photos or videos and a video call  to understand the conditions in your garden and the look you want to create I develop a SHORTLIST of plants that will thrive in your garden and give you the look you’re dreaming of.

I’ll create a list of plants divided into agreed categories (shrubs, climbers, groundcover etc) that will thrive in your garden’s conditions and fulfill the brief you’ve given me on the style you want to achieve.   I use common and latin names and include photos so you can easily recognise and choose the plants you like.  I’ll also include my top tips on choosing, shopping, planting and maintenance.

This service can be successfully competed virtually as well as in person..

The cost is £150 – £400 (depending on complexity). To book just email me.



If you need some help to make your garden’s planting come to life.

If you’re keen to have some help in deciding what plants go with what or how to create the succession of seasonal interest to bring color and texture to your garden all year round, recruit me to help with planting your garden.  I am horticulturally trained and continue to garden and learn.

I work to your brief and budget using the ‘right plant right place’ principle when choosing plants … as I think if the plant is in the right place it’s happy … and if its happy its easy to look after.

After creating YOUR PLANTS SHORTLIST and with your feedback on what you love the look of I’ll refine the ideas into a shopping list.  I’ll source and procure the plants from the wholesale nursery sector, layout the pots and leave you to plant or plant them up myself.  I’ll also write you a Plant Care Guide with Yearly Schedule so you know what to do when to look after them.

I have trade accounts with local wholesale nurseries and will source, order and plant trees, shrubs, climbers and perennials and bulbs bringing in extra experienced help when required..

The cost for this would be £200 – £500  (depending on actions required).  To discuss further just email me.

Garden Design


If you want ideas to help visualise changes in the layout of your garden this is the service you’re looking for.  Perhaps you’ve inherited an established garden that is just not working for your family’s needs or you’re planning an extension and know that getting the outside space working for you is just as important as the inside. 

I’ll need your input to understand what you want to be doing in your garden and to be able to develop the ideas for how the space could be laid out to meet your needs. After discussions with you and measuring up your garden, I’ll create two/three 2d hand-drawn concept sketches of what the layout could look like incorporating existing elements you want (or have) to retain and adding in elements we’ve discussed.   I’ll also create a hard copy or digital moodboard (using Pinterest) to illustrate my ideas and the styling and materials.

What i hope is that my concept sketches get you thinking about what could be possible.

With your feedback I will create a final 2d concept drawing annotated with notes for you or a landscaper to use to create and build your space.  You may need more detailed technical drawing if your build is complicated, but an experienced contractor will be able to hep you with that if required.

Prices start at £450.  Email me to discuss your garden project.

Renée ran a Christmas wreath making workshop which I helped to organise and also attended. It was fab! She is a dream to work with and the love she has for her job shines through in her classes. Very knowledgeable and ever so helpful. Don’t hesitate to book her but be quick, she’s becoming a bit of a local legend!

Susy, Redhill

Just had my hoedown. I was feeling completely overwhelmed by my garden. I now feel excited to get out there and put into place all the wonderful ideas Renée gave me … would recommend Renée to everyone!

Georgia, Godstone

We started with a Hoedown and were so impressed and blown away by Renée’s knowledge, passion and ideas, that we booked her garden design and planting services.

Monica, Coulsdon

I had a lovely session with Renée discussing our garden. It was a great opportunity to get advice on how to look after favourite plants and she had so many planting ideas for those problem areas.

Karen, Horley

Absolutely wonderful, full of amazing ideas, gives great advice. Allowed me to see my garden in a different way.

Ellen, Merstham

My garden makes me smile now . . . everyday it makes me smile

Bonnie, West Sussex

Renée has created a space that feels bigger than before and I just love to sit and look at it!

Wendy, Redhill

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