There are plenty of plants to replace the summer colour that is about to die off in your pots and containers.  Remember to include:

  • a  T H R I L L E R as a statement or focal point
  • F I L L E R S to fill the gaps and add a different texture or colour
  • S P I L L E R S to soften or spill over the edges

Here are just a few suggestions:

Pansies or their smaller more delicate sisters Violas – In a range of colours there is one for everyone.

Choose 1 colour per pot for masse impact and then keep deadheading them to keep them flowering for  months.


Polyanthus and Primroses

Primroses are a Spring flower in a delicate shade of Yellow but sometimes they can start flowering in the dead of Winter.  Polyanthus are a blinged up version of a Primrose and come in bright hues all over Winter.  Keep them tidy by removing dead petals and leaves and they will keep you smiling all through the Winter.

Hellebores (Christmas Roses)

They come in white to dark purple and once Winter is over and you want something new in your pots put them in the garden for next year!


In a range of colours – can look great in combination with Hellebores and Violas as they have a contrasting texture.


Heuchera (Coral Bells)

A stunning evergreen perennial that comes in all shades from plum to lime green – great in pots and in the ground! They prefer a slightly shady spot.


Beautiful nodding flowers in pink, red or white above heart shaped veined leaves.

Anemenathele lessonia (Pheasant Tails Grass)

An evergreen grass with coppery hues that adds a differnt texture and movement in a pot.

Christmas or Sweet Box (Sarcoccocca)

An evergreen shrub with glossy leaves and little white flowers that has the most gorgeous scent.


Another evergreen shrub with delicate little pinky-white flowers with a honey like scent – make sure these are by your front door on path so you can take advantage of the perfume!


Skimmia japonica

An evergreen shrub with white flowers and red berries – very elegant

Nandina domestica (Heavenly Bamboo)

An evergreen shrub with delicate leaves with red tips when new



Succulents like Sempervirens are very fashionable at the moment and make a modern twist on a Winter pot – the geometry in their detail is mesmerising!  I reckon these could make a fantastic Christmas present!



All these plants can be transplanted into the garden after Winter as they will all survive for years to come.

I’ve created a Winter Pots Pinterest Board with pictures of all the above so take a look and take your pick.

Share your pots with me so we can all take inspiration from what you create!