It is Blackberry Season and there are lots and lots this year!  So we are ploughing through  Blackberry and Apple Crumbles, I’ll be making Blackberry and Apple Jam like my Nan always used to but I’ll also be making Blackberry Vodka this year as its such an easy recipe and it will make gorgeous Christmas Presents and I’ve been saving some beautiful glass-corked wine bottles just for this!!!   All you need is:

350g Blackberries          250g Caster Sugar          625 ml vodka

Wash the Blackberries and remove the stalks, put them in a wide-necked jar (a kilner jar is perfect) and sprinkle with the sugar. Pour the vodka over and seal the jar. Shake it gently every day for 2-3 months  (the longer you can leave it the better)!

Sit a plastic funnel into a sterilized bottle and place a sieve over the top, strain the liquid through.  Label it up and there you go!

Its great neat over some ice or you can use it as a flavouring in Prosecco or Cava!

Let me know how you get on!

Renée x