12 bulbs for all year round

One of the easiest ways to add colour and interest to your garden is to plant bulbs.  There is a bulb for every time of year. From Snowdrops in the Winter to Alliums in the Summer.


  • Plant bulbs in groups of odd numbers for a naturalistic look that has impact.
  • Planting depth depends on the size of the bulb.  Aim to plant to a depth 3 times the size of the bulb.
  • Autumn is the time to plant those bulbs that flower January – June.
  • Spring is the time to plant those bulbs that flower July – December.
  • Buy less variety.  For example instead of buying a whole host of different coloured Tulips choose just 2 colours to create a harmonious theme.
  • Buy cheap bulbs!  If they’re expensive it means the Grower has had to spend a lot of time getting it right, which means it might be a DIVA!

Happy Bulb Buying!