My little girl went back to school today in new shoes.  She hasn’t mentioned school all Summer, but as we walked there today she talked about being nervous and excited and how that was making her tummy feel funny.  She held my hand as we walked and talked and when we got there she bounced into the classroom!

I feel a bit nervous and excited too today as it was a first day for me too!  For the last 6 years I have been juggling 2 jobs.  As well as being The Girl who Gardens I’ve been working part-time as a marketer and fundraiser for a wonderful local charity called Us in a Bus who find a way to make conversations with people who find communicating with other people challenging.

Over the last year it has become increasingly clear that I couldn’t (and didn’t want to) do it all!  So after much thinking and conversations with family, friends and strangers on holiday (!) I recently handed in my notice at Us in a Bus so I can focus my time on being Renée AKA The Girl who Gardens and Renée AKA Mum!

So today I do feel nervous and excited as it’s the 1st day proper that I haven’t gone to work for someone else, I’ve gone to work for me!!  So although there isn’t any massive changes in what I’m offering, there is more opportunity for me to develop my ideas and help more families make their dream gardens come to life!

My lovely friend Sarah has helped me to create a logo, so you may well see some changes to how I look online and now I have more time I am aiming to create more advice and tips and resources for you to use.

Wish me luck and keep in touch!  As one of the things I learned from my 6 years at Us in a Bus is how important conversations and connections are to me.



My colleagues at Us in a Bus bought me this wonderful present and I hope I can use it for a while longer this Autumn as a place to sit and create some exciting ideas that I have brewing in my head!