January may be the first month of the year but it doesn’t feel like the first month of the gardening year .. for me that will be in Spring when the green shoots begin to appear.  January feels like a quiet time for me so here are some quiet jobs to do this month:

  1. Roll your sleeves up  … cleaning pots and greenhouses now will get you ready for the Spring sowings so get ahead of the game and spend some time in your shed/greenhouse or just outside washing pots and throwing anything away that is broken.
  2. Cut back dead leaves and flowerstems from perennials when they look scruffy.
  3. Remove leaves from Hellebores to show the flowers off better.
  4. Apple and Pear trees can be pruned now as can Gooseberries and Currant bushes.
  5. For a lovely job on a wet and windy day plan your seed sowing..  Seeds shoudl be kept in a bark, dry place.  The Quality Street tin you got for Christmas is perfect!  Keep it indoors rather than outside.  Feb-March is the time to start sowing seeds so now is the time to choose and order them.  This can all be done from the comfort of your armchair.  I love Chiltern Seeds and Higgledy Garden for good UK seeds with loads of choice.

Enjoy this quiet cosy time!

Let me know how you get on, and if you have any questions email me renee@thegirlwhogardens.co.uk

Or book a Garden Hoedown for an hour of one to one garden therapy and you’ll come away with a personalised action plan to get the most out of your garden!