Don’t be fooled into thinking Spring is here yet.  Its cold out there still!  Here’s my top 5 jobs to do this month:

  1. Plant hardy shrubs and perennials out in the garden unless its soggy or frozen.  But hold off sowing seeds or plug plants out until its warmed up a bit.
  2. You can finally prune Hydrangeas! Well done for waiting!There are different types of Hydrangea. Traditional Hydrangeas flower on old growth so can be deadheaded back to the next pair of buds and thinned out leaving only the strong stems. Hydrangea Annabelle and the new paniculata flowerheads that generally have huge white flowerheads need to be cut right back to the ground as they flower on new growth.  You can see this done here.

Let me know how you get on, and if you have any questions email me

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