Here are your list of Garden To-Dos for November :

  1. Lavender : Cut back the flower stems of Lavender and trim each stem down by half to stop them getting leggy. Cut back into a section that still has green leaves though as bare woody sections won’t grow again.
  2. Roses : Prune long stems of Roses by a third so they don’t get damaged in any high winds over the Winter.Remove the fallen leaves of Roses if they had black spot this year to reduce the risk of infection again next year.  Don;t put these leaves in a compost bin that you will use.
  3. Lawns : Aerate your lawn by pricking it with a garden fork all over.  This helps with compaction but also allows space for oxygen to get into the soil.
  4. General Tidy Up : Don;t tidy up too much!  Seed heads create beautiful silhouettes during the Winter but are also a food source for wildlife.Remove leaves from lawns but create leaf piles in the backs of beds or in untidy corners for insects to over winter in.  Raking leaves is a great workout!
  5. Compost : if you’re emptying pots of summer bedding … spread the compost from the pots on your beds as a mulch.  Now’s the time to also empty your compost bins. Anything at the bottom that’s broken down into a nice brown, crumbly consistency can be spread on your flower and vegetable beds to add its nutrients into your soil.  No need to dig it in .. the Winter frosts will break it down for you.