#52Garlands gets to Number 52

So I’ve reached the end of my #52Garlands Challenge!  And here is Garland Number 52 just in time for Christmas which brings me full circle!  It contains Conifer, Pine, Star Jasmine, Ivy and Holly with Teasels and Cones.

2 years ago I made a Christmas Wreath for my front door from cuttings and prunings from mine and others’ gardens!  In mid January it was still up and looking good and I was reluctant to take it down as I loved having something on my front door.So #52Garlands was born.  I thought I would try and have an ever-changing Garland on my door show-casing the plants and flowers of interest at that point.  10 weeks in I realised I’d set a steep challenge!

So over 100 weeks later I have reached the final Garland (not curtain – that’s something else entirely!)  I’ve fallen back in love with shrubs as they have been the stalwart of my Garlands, the variety of the their foliage is astounding and they have helped me create some of the most simplistic and elegant garlands or the most OTT Garlands!  I’ve taken to looking at (and in) hedgerows, and I mean really looking!  I’ve slowed down and focused in on the beautiful detail of leaves, seeds, berries and petals and realised the most intricate details that I have never noticed before.  I’ve reconnected with the Seasons; Spring has always been a favourite time of year for me, but the colours of Autumn and the decay that happens in Winter have both opened my eyes to what is truly beautiful.

Favourite plants that have featured include Hawthorn, Buddleia, Ivy, Cornflower, Mock Orange and trees such as Field Maple and Oak.

And then who would have guessed that others have loved my Garlands too, loved seeing them and have been inspired to make their own.  And then even more surprisingly my Garlands have spawned a new sideline for me!  Last Christmas I taught 71 people to make their own Christmas Garlands and this year that number is looking closer to 130!  I’ve loved meeting people and helping making their own, some of whom haven’t made anything since School, who claim to not be creative and who end up creating something beautiful in their own style and way and something homemade for Christmas.  How lucky am I?

And so feeling very blessed I decided that I couldn’t let Garland 52 go without a trace! So this Sunday: 3rd December I am putting Garland 52 up for Auction on my Facebook Page to raise fund for Us in a Bus, a local Charity who are very dear to my heart.


The Auction will take place on my Facebook Page.  At 9pm on Sunday 3rd December I will make a post of the Garland and you have until 9pm on Monday 4th December to make your bid.  You bid by making a comment on the thread below my post of an amount in £ and you can bid more than once.  The Winner is the person who makes the highest bid and I will then contact that person to arrange payment and collection.  I will deliver the Garland to any address within a 5 mile radius of Redhill otherwise the Winner does need to arrange collection.

You can see all my Garlands at #52Garlands on Pinterest.