7 reasons to go to a local Plant Sale

The season of the Plant Sale is upon us!

Local Gardeners and Groups will be sharing details of these sales about now and I urge you to go!  Not only will you pick up plants that have been lovingly grown in your local area you’ll probably meet some of the nicest people there are!

Here’s my seven top reasons to go to a Plant Sale:

  • You will pick up locally grown plants that like the conditions of the soil in your local area – if it liked it in your neighbour’s garden I’m 80% sure it will like it in your garden!
  • You’ll meet gardeners and gardeners love to talk plants and gardens and are usually super helpful and lovely!
  • Plants bought this way are blooming good value for money and are usually being sold in aid of a good cause
  • Questions are actively encouraged so if you’re new to gardening and aren’t sure what things are or what to do with them … always ask!  There’s never a stupid question!
  • Plants you buy this way haven’t travelled hundreds of miles to get to their destination and are usually in a recycled pot!  Gardeners are great ‘make do and menders’ and if you get to see inside anyone’s shed or greenhouse you will find highly creative ‘Heath Robinson’ solutions for all sorts of occasions!
  • Sharing of ideas.  Your new idea for your garden has probably been road-tested by someone else so this is a great place to share your ideas and get gardening tips from those who have been doing it for a while.
  • There is usually also cake on offer at a Plant Sale and for me there’s no better way to spend a Saturday morning than talking plants over tea and cake!

I have also been making new friends and sharing ideas online this year.  It definitely feels like the year of collaboration and although social media gets a lot of criticism the folk I have met online continues to astound me.

Most recently I joined an online Group that supports Mums who run their own businesses – its been invaluable and Laura that runs Power of Mum has created a virtual place where it feels like you’re sharing ideas over tea and cake.  I’m hoping to get to one of her events soon to eat cake in person but in the meantime you can read a bit more about me as she kindly featured me in her ‘A day in the life …’ Blog


Keep your eyes open for new of Plant Sales in your local area and let me know what treasures you find in the comments below.