The sun is shining but before you can sit on that lounger with a Campari and Orange (or is that just me?) you have to move the plastic see-saw, sand table and footballs out the way to make room.

The kitchen extension is complete, you can now see the garden but you’re not sure you want to!  You’re not 100% certain what the shrubs are or what to do with them and want it looking as good as the inside.

It’s the Bank Holiday Weekend and the family are coming over for a BBQ but the beds are overgrown with weeds and that Hydrangea that your Sister bought you last year is still in the plastic pot it came in and is looking decidingly dead!

If any of those scenarios sounds familiar it’s time to get some practical help to fall back in love with your garden and make sure it’s looking good all year round. You need a friendly professional who doesn’t talk jargon or use Latin names and who knows that family gardens need to work on a host of different levels for a host of different people and pets and for minimal effort.

I’m a plant and garden designer who works with you to understand what the problems are and what you want.  I won’t come up with 1 design or planting scheme that I think fits the bill; I’ll create ideas in discussion with you.  By asking you loads of questions and listening carefully we should uncover what you REALLY REALLY want and then pick through my ideas to find the solutions to making the most of your space.

You and your garden are different to your neighbours; although the square footage might be the same, the solution will be as unique as your family.  It’s your dream garden, no-one elses.

Renée was brilliant; naming plants I didn't know & giving me the confidence to dig up old woody plants & move things about. 

She inspired me to go & buy some new plants that are now flourishing.      

Wendy, Coulsdon

Garden Hoedown

We stand in your garden with a cuppa and talk anything garden related!  Book me for a minimum of an hour and we can cover design, planting, gardening good practice and techniques.  I’ve talked through the following with several clients: reshaping beds, moving plants, dealing with pests and diseases, lawn care, planting suggestions, planting techniques, pruning techniques.  £45 per hour (+ expenses if further afield than 5 miles radius of Redhill).

Planting Schemes

You may need some help in re-vitalising a border, filling some gaps or finding the right plants for a tricky location.  After gaining some key information I will develop some suitable suggestions.  I use common and Latin names to make things easier and I also use Pinterest to support a written report giving you a quick way to find the plants to see if they are what you like.  I can create a Plant List or Planting Plan and can source and help with laying or planting out if you need it.  Prices start at £90.

Garden Design

Perhaps you’ve inherited an established garden that is just working for your family’s needs or you’re planning an extension and know that getting the outside space working for you is just as important as the inside.  i can create sketch ideas that can be worked up to a concept scale drawing.  We’ll discuss your needs, wants, dreams and budget and my sketches will get you thinking about what could be possible.  Prices start at £250.